Social Media Marketing
Next Generation Marketing: it's new, cutting-edge and here to stay. And it's growing exponentially. There's much to learn, no time to wait and experimenting can be costly. What to do?

Talk to us. Podnetic™ integrates new media applications into comprehensive marketing solutions for a whole new generation of online marketers.

Social Media Marketing 101
Social media marketing is the collaboration and sharing of online content—referred to as Consumer-Generated Media (CGM)—amongst users. Well executed and managed, social media venues are remarkable at generating leads, sales and loyal customers online.

Social Media Marketing Services
No surprise—we understand social media marketing. Podnetic™ has always kept its clients ahead of the curve.

• We maximize performance.
Integrate new and existing on- and offline marketing initiatives with expanding social media marketing opportunities.

• We build new online branding.
Reach audience segments and develop purchasing relationships through social media channels.

Social Media Resource Examples
Identify new opportunities and the means for reaching and converting prospects through proprietary social media tracking and conversion analytics.

Podcasting: Everything Under One Roof
Corporate podcasts can now be found in Universal Search results. To be effective, they need to be optimized and placed on the key directories. As the only major search marketer providing a full range of production services, we offer our clients a leg up on the competition.
They're personal, portable, entertaining and accessible. And through our podcasting division, we've been specializing in top-quality corporate audio and video productions and podcasts since they first appeared on the scene. Our services include:
• Production
• Creative
• Hosting
• Podcast Tracking

Blogging: Finding A Voice, Reaching An Audience
There are over 80 million active blogs out there. Getting noticed in that crowd can be difficult. Podnetic™ provides assistance in creating blogs and getting them where they are seen and talked about. We optimize blogs for the web and major publishing platforms such as WordPress and Movable Type.
Blogging can help your business on three important fronts: Search Engine Optimization, Online PR and relationship building. And, done right, it can really generate some buzz.
Podnetic offers:
• Content conceptualization
• Licensing
• Setup and submission
• Template design
• Copywriting
• Optimization
• Editing, updating
• Tracking

iPhone Development
iPhone Application Development
In addition to creating amazing podcasts, and web applications, we also specialize in iPhone application development.

First, we can help you decide on the best direction for your iPhone application. There are several alternatives:

A standards compliant, Safari-compatible web-application
A Safari-optimized web application that leverages some of Safari's unique capabilities
An SDK-based iPhone application that takes full advantage of all the iPhone has to offer such as full integration, GPS, etc.
We'll then work closely with you during development to ensure we get your iPhone application to market fast.

Other Development Services
Rich Internet Application Development
While we can certainly deliver a beautiful web application using a HTML and a smattering of AJAX, one of our fortes is in pushing the UI envelope, providing a full Rich Internet Application.

Here we prefer to use Adobe Flex or ExtJS, for a full standards-base solution. We can also use Adobe Air to bring your application to the desktop.

The Competitive Edge You're Looking For

Your website is a valuable tool for communicating with existing and potential customers. But simply being able to view pages in a browser does not differentiate you from your competitors. Social Media and Podcasting allows you to improve the way you communicate and interact with your customers, giving your company the competitive edge it is seeking.

Podnetic™ makes it easy for any company to get 'on the air' using our online tools and services. Whether its guidance and training to get you started or a complete podcast production solution, Podnetic™ will help you 'kick-start' your podcasting initiative. Within a matter of days, PodFactory can have your branded podcast page up and running, available through your website and in all podcast directories such as iTunes and Yahoo Podcast. We also offer customized podcast production services to fit the most restrictive budgets.

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